PDX: EPNW Maintenance and Repair Class

PDX: EPNW Maintenance and Repair Class

This Friday, February 3rd there’s a most excellent event being offered by long-time Sprudge sponsors Espresso Parts NW. This is a ground-level, top-to-bottom comprehensive one day course, aimed to arm the working barista, the cafe owner, or the machine head super nerd with everything he or she might need to take their espresso machine maintenance skills to the next level. Oh, the things you will learn:

Front of the machine! Changing gaskets, screens and screws! Quick reference preventative check lists! Steam valve fix-its! Grinder grumbles! Drain strains! Elementary heating elements! Pump adjustments! PID FAQs! Plenty of hands-on time with a variety of espresso machines! Plus, lunch!

The class is graciously hosted by our pals at The American Barista & Coffee School, located at 1028 SE Water Ave, Suite 275, PDX. Spots are still available. Price is $395 per attendee. Call to register at 800-655-3955, and check out the event listing here.



  1. John brown

    9 February

    I’m fishing for help with repair on a brand new Aillio Bullet R1 roaster. I thought maybe someone there might know of a coffee roaster tinkerer that might be interested and willing. It must have a short or bad motor. Shipping it back to the manufacturer is a last resort as getting it through customs is a hassle. Looks like a nuclear device.

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