Meet Cuppow: The Sippy Lid To Go!

Mason jars are the eco-conscious choice du jour for the hippy-dippy to-go set. When 1/2 of Sprudge briefly lived in Olympia, all the bus-riding granola crunch Evergreen cookies would knit a quirky cozy for their jars; nowadays you can dress yours up in a leather cuff (so butch). Mason jars are very “in”, but there’s just one problem: that big-mouthed lid is a little tough to sip from. Hence the Cuppow – a sippy lid topper for your mason jar.

It’s a little “As Seen On TV”, but it kind of makes a lot of sense. Right? Check out the Cuppow online here.



  1. Sam Schroeder

    31 January

    So, true! I put so much coffee into mason jars.  Our Westside shop is about 2 miles from Evergreen and on the bus line. 

  2. Bryant Burkhart

    30 January

    Or you could get a drip-proof travel mug that keeps your fresh cup o’ the finest nice and hot AND allows you to toss it in your bag without worrying about it spilling. Sure, it may not be “in” but it’s a hell of a lot more useful. 

    Alt option: reclaim them from the side of the road or old church lost and founds. Bleach and a bottle brush and you’re good to go. 

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