Journey back in time on June 11th with Sprudge contributor and Joe NYC barista Alex Bernson, as he transports your imagination through the history of Western cafe culture, past, and present. Featuring 21 unique slides and a unique design perspective, this lecture is a public expansion on Mr. Bernson’s thesis dissertation at Wesleyan University, which was entitled “The Social Space of the Cafe: How Service and Physical Design Condition Social Performances.” More from the event’s Facebook listing:

Come join us for a special class that examines the history of cafes and coffee consumption in the development of modernity.

We will explore the rise of cafe culture, from its earliest spread in the Ottoman Empire, to the London Coffee Houses and Parisian Cafes, through the post-WWII commodity coffee boom in the United States, to our current speciality coffee movement.

Space is very limited, so please RSVP Price for the class is $30.

It’s all too rare for specialty coffee and academia to be presented as more than mere study buddies, which makes this an event we sorely wish we could attend. If you’re in New York when you wish you could be in Vienna for WBC, this night will make for a damn fine surrogate. There are a limited number of reduced price spaces available for members of the coffee industry.