The new hotness in discerning home-brew house wears come to us from Harald Johnsen Vøyle and Lars Kolstad Huse, a Norwegian artist, barista, and self-described “coffee geek” currently based in London. Mr. Huse has just released a new book, A-Z Coffee, an illustrated guide to coffee culture, and his website is a playground of caffeinated pop art, but we just can’t get enough of these mugs, inspired by Jules Winnfield and his appreciation for delicious coffee. A limited set of 15 are currently on sale at Protein, the cafe inside the 18 Hewett Street art gallery in London. We have it on good authority that these will soon be available online to purchase here.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


It’s our hope that Lars and Harald continues their mug design work elsewhere within the Tarantino film canon. Robert DeNiro demands coffee from Max in “Jackie Brown”, Pat and Lorraine’s Coffee Shop is the setting for the opening scene in Reservoir Dogs, and of course, who can forget Mallory Knox’s coffee shop fandango that opens “Natural Born Killers”. These are mere suggestions; the ball is in your court, L&H.

banner advertising the book new rules of coffee