We love coffee packages that take the familiar and mundane and turn them on their head and shake things up. Take the La Colombe Draft Latte 4-pack. Four ready-to-drink cans of La Colombe’s popular Draft Latte, housed in a clever peek-a-boo box that’s both fun to look at and easy to carry to the checkout stand. And at $10, it’s easy on the wallet as well. We spoke with Kathryn O’Connor of La Colombe to learn more.

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When did the 4-pack design debut? 

The 4-pack design debuted with our initial Draft Latte can release—in March of 2016.

Who designed the package? (In-house? Design firm?)

The package was designed collaboratively in-house by our co-founder, head of Marketing, and senior designer.


Please describe the look in your own words!

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Transparent, dairy, clean label, authentic. We wanted the package of both the can and the 4-pack to reflect what’s inside—a simple, delicious, all-natural, milk-based, coffee beverage. The clean, minimal design represents the minimal, natural, healthy ingredients, no added sugar used in the drink, and the white space represents milk.

What coffee information do you share on the package? What’s the motivation behind that?

We share the caffeine content, calorie count, core ingredients, and a view of the cans. Those are the most important factors consumers look at when choosing a coffee beverage and Draft Latte is unique in that it has more kick and less calories than other options out there. It’s time America had better, healthier options for coffee on-the-go.

Where can I pick up a 4-pack?

You can grab a 4-pack on our website,, or from our a selection of our cafes in Philadelphia and NYC. Four-packs will soon be available in all La Colombe cafes, as well as select national retailers.


Why is there a plastic cap on top of the cans?

We designed a custom sip through lip guard to separate your mouth from the metal, giving an elevated experience that is more similar to drinking out of a cup—and much more comfortable.

Are the cans recyclable?

Yes, which is one of the reasons when picking a vessel for this beverage, we chose aluminum—it’s infinitely recyclable.

What’s the MSRP?

Our 4-pack is sold at $10.

What’s next? 

The Draft Latte is the beginning of a line of authentic, crafted, coffee beverages. We’ve released the Vanilla Draft Latte and Triple Draft Latte. We’re listening to our fans and our critics about what they want to see next. Exciting stuff to come!

Coffee Design is a feature series by Zachary Carlsen on Sprudge. Read more Coffee Design here.

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