The intertwining language of coffee and design has found a home in the movement for consumable art. Coffee is a canvas upon which tremendously important art is produced for the public sphere. As the third wave coffee movement continues booming in the 21st century, coffee design has emerged as a valid, urgent form of art for the modern world, as vibrant and essential as any gallery painting or sculpture work.

Consumable art is accessible and interwoven into our daily lives in meaningful ways. The vibrant art we experience at coffee bars comes home with us, lives in our kitchens and cupboards, and can be enjoyed in the same moments we enjoy coffee itself. It is an essential 21st century art movement and should be recognized as such by those who produce and consume it, and most especially by the media that documents it.

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We view this as our role, and take it seriously. Since 2009 Sprudge has produced The Sprudgie Awards, an annual voter initiative honoring excellence across a swath of categories, including packaging design. And since 2010 we have published a regular feature series—Coffee Design—curated by Sprudge co-founder Zachary Carlsen. Today this series is an invaluable public archive of coffee design trends and achievements across the past decade, a digital gallery of consumable art from around the world.

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Now in 2023 we are launching the Sprudge Design Awards (SDA), a user submitted global platform honoring the best in coffee and tea design, with a focus on original packaging design, products, and art. This is a new initiative for Sprudge. Our goal is to put as large of a spotlight as possible on the field of consumable and packaging art as it relates to coffee and tea, and to spotlight the truly outstanding work being done by the designers, illustrators, and purveyors.

Public submission are open. Entry deadline is October 10, 2023. You can order your entries above—submission details will be delivered to your inbox once purchase is complete. Full details are available at the Sprudge Design Awards official website, including entry information and what to expect as we move towards our first round of semi-finalists in the 2023 SDAs. Public voting opens in October, and winners in each category will be announced in early November.

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Join us for the first annual Sprudge Design Awards and thank you for your supporting outstanding design.

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