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La Marzocco, the makers of world-class espresso machines for both the cafe and the home, are branching out and today have released a home espresso grinder of their very own known as the Pico. What they are calling the “perfect pairing,” the all-new grinder from La Marzocco is the other half of the equation in making cafe-quality espresso at home.

The Pico has been in the works in some form or other since the beginning of La Marzocco Home back in 2014, says La Marzocco’s Ben Blake. The near-decade gestation time has given the brand ample time to completely rethink the grinder and build one from the ground up with the home user in mind. From usability to burr design and tooth geometry, the Pico has undergone extensive testing, both by La Marzocco’s engineering team as well as at Accademia del Caffè Espresso, to deliver “taste, reliability, and productivity.”

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The result is a grinder that is small on counter footprint and big on features. Taking aesthetic cues from the Linea Mini and Micra, the Pico features whisper quiet grinding via its “brushless induction motor and innovative sound-dampening design,” capable of dispensing 18g of coffee in just 10 seconds. A stepless design and three-button programmable dosing allows users to customize and quickly switch between brew parameters.

Other thoughtful touches include an auto-close 10.5oz hopper that allows for easy, mess-free switching between coffees. But perhaps the coolest feature is the “portafilter-actuated dosing.” Just set the portafilter onto the magnetic fork and the Pico will auto-dose the chosen amount of espresso, all completely hands free.

The Pico is the culmination of years of work and allows La Marzocco to be a one-stop shop for home espresso. “The thing I’m so excited about with Pico is that is kind of ‘completes the set,’” Blake tells Sprudge. “Being able to place a La Marzocco-built grinder next to my Linea Mini is something special. It feels like the missing piece in a lot of ways. It’s designed in the same language as the Linea Mini and Linea Micra, and there’s a satisfaction that comes with placing a beautiful, solid, and thoughtful La Marzocco grinder next to a La Marzocco espresso machine.”

Now taking orders online, the Pico retails at $995. To coincide with the launch, La Marzocco is offering 15% off the entire purchase when you buy a Pico along with a Linea Mini or Linea Micra. For more information or to order a Pico, visit La Marzocco’s official website.

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