This week on Coffee Design, we’re focusing in on the Minneapolis-based Bizzy Cold Brew. The company just launched a design refresh, in tandem with their ten-year anniversary. The new look set out to differentiate their products from the rest. In a rapidly growing ready-to-drink market, you gotta stand out.

Why is the clock on the packaging set for 5:45? Where can we find decaf Bizzy? We find out the real truths and bust myths with Bizzy Cold Brew Co-Founder and CEO Alex French.

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Congratulations on 10 years of building Bizzy! How have you seen cold brew as a product category grow in the last decade?

The category has truly exploded in terms of consumer awareness and usage. Cold brew is now a part of many coffee lovers’ daily routines, so it has always been our goal to create a cold brew that truly is the best tasting and the highest quality—and most importantly, brewed for 18 hours to bring out the most flavor and caffeine possible.

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How long did Bizzy have the former branding? What inspired the change?

We hadn’t changed our original branding much since we launched ten years ago. The previous design was right for us for a long time, but it didn’t speak to our true differentiation and what makes us special in the cold brew category. So we decided to embark on a rebrand that better represents the product and our brand ethos, including our dedication to quality, transparency, sustainability, and caffeine content. We think we nailed it!

For the redesign, Bizzy Cold Brew teamed up with design agency Day Job (their website is fantastic)—how did you all connect?

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We were introduced to Day Job through a Bizzy Cold Brew investor.

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Bottles are out—ready-to-brew coffee pouch packaging coming soon?

Yes, our Brew Bags and Coarse Grounds will be transitioning into new packaging in the next couple of months.

Similar to our redesigned bottles, the new bag reflects our values of transparency and sustainability! All of the rebranded products now clearly communicate the quality of our product lines, from the craft-brewing process, stronger taste and zero sugar, while the bottles also include transparent caffeine content.

What changes were made to the design of the Brew It Yourself offerings?

The biggest changes will be in the overall brand identity—primarily, our logo change—as well as new fonts, packaging colors, and use of iconography. Each roast profile in the Brew Bags and Coarse Grounds product lines will be in its own unique packaging color, rather than the solid black packaging color of the past.

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Speaking of iconography, can we talk about that clock? Why is it set for 5:45?

The clock was set to 5:45 as a nod to when Andrew and I were doing our initial research and development. We were roommates and we would meet in the kitchen at 5:45 in the morning to taste test the previous day’s brews.

What’s next for Bizzy? Subscriptions? Kegs? Hot brew? Adaptogens?

Right now, we’re just enjoying our new rebrand and how our customers and partners are reacting to it.

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Last question: the new packaging has been updated “to better represent the product and brand’s ethos, including dedication to quality, transparency, sustainability, and high caffeine content.” Music to our ears, honestly, but have y’all considered decaf?

The daily coffee ritual—for rich flavor and an amazing jolt of caffeine—is a treasured one, and we pride ourselves on offering smooth, surprisingly strong cold brews with transparent caffeine messaging on our bottles to honor that ritual. At the end of the day, that will always be the most important thing to us. But we do sell a Decaf Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew which is available exclusively at Publix.

Hot tip! Decaf drinkers, rejoice. Thank you so much!

Photos courtesy Bizzy Cold Brew.

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