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Say hello to Bangarang Coffee Roasters out of Fullerton, California. Bangarang is owned and operated by Southern California coffee roasters Noah Poletiek and Travis Hochhalter, who opened their roasting facility in early summer 2016. We’re big fans of the company’s bold use of color, playful logo, and see-thru kangaroo pouch for a coffee info-card. We spoke with co-founder Travis Hochhalter to learn more about their journey.


As told to Sprudge by Travis Hochhalter.

Tell us a bit about your company.

We formed our company on June 10, 2016 but didn’t start roasting and selling until mid-September. We both (Travis and Noah Poletiek) had been coffee roasters before—we were both working for a roaster in the SoCal area—but were both hungry to start our own roasting venture, one where we could stretch our creative legs and really challenge what we had learned about specialty thus far. The result is Bangarang Coffee Roasters. Not having the resources to just stroll out and buy a full production roaster on our own, we opted for a more creative solution: We decided to see if we could partner with a facility and rent time on an already established machine. Graciously, Global Coffee Traders allowed us to use their sparkling new Loring L15 Falcon. Using this beauty we were able to grab 3rd place in the America’s Best Espresso Competition in Anaheim this year, all on the first roast we ever did as a company. Its been a blessing thus far, and we keep looking forward to what we can produce in the future. We just moved into a small space in Fullerton, CA for lab testing and office work, hoping to grow it in the coming year to the production facility we desire.


When did the coffee package design debut?

This is our very first bag design, it debuted on our first roast date in mid-September.


Who designed the package?

We designed it ourselves actually. We printed the labels, info cards, and stickers ourselves and assemble them all by hand. Tough work for only two of us in the company so far, but we’re working on a more permanent solution currently.


What coffee information do you share on the package? What’s the motivation behind that?

Our removable trading card that comes with the package contains what we consider to be the prerequisite information for understanding the coffee. Region, Farm, Process, Variety, Roast Level, and Flavor notes. The back of said card has a brewing equation to figure out coffee and water weights. You can even go to the roast profile on our website and see the time/temperature curve via cropster. Nerdy stuff but some people will find it interesting we hope. We are all about arming the customer with info related to each step of the process. An informed coffee drinker can enjoy so much more in the cup, thats why we go the extra mile.


Where is the bag manufactured?

We buy the blank bags from PackPlus and we obtain the stickers and card from a local printing company.

What type of package is it?

Its a square bottomed gusseted bag with an e-zip, matte white to make those radical pinks and blues pop.

Company: Bangarang! Coffee Roasters
Location: Fullerton, California
Country: USA
Design Date: September, 2016
Designer: Bangarang! Coffee Roasters

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Coffee Design is proudly sponsored by Savor Brands, your boost in coffeedence through maximizing designs in packaging, sustainability and tech.