While completing the build out of the CrownRoyal Coffee’s tasting room and coffee lab–the Bay Area green coffee importer is hitting the road. The aptly named Crown on the Road 2017 is a set of three educational workshops landing in six stops across the U.S., and they are kicking things off with an abridged seventh stop today at Aspect Coffee Collective in Portland, Oregon.

Officially starting in Berkeley on January 12th, Crown on the Road will meander its way through the country following after the 2017 U.S. Coffee Champs until ending in New Orleans on February 15th. Topics for each event include:

  • Green Coffee Analytics with Chris Kornman & Evan Gilman – Density, Screen Size & Water Activity: Theory & Application for Roasters & Buyers ($150)
  • Roasting Styles & Impact on Flavor with Jen Apodaca – A Roasting Workshop with Three Distinct Roasting Theories ($300)
  • Menu Development & Inventory Management with The Crown Team – A Workshop to Plan, Manage & Release Coffees ($200)

Tickets for each course can be purchased a la carte or as a bundle for $600 (you save $50 by doing so). For today’s Portland stop, only the Green Coffee Analytics and Roasting Styles classes will be offered, and the Roasting Styles class is already sold out.

Cities and dates for Crown on the Road 2017 are:

For more details on the classes or to sign up, visit Royal’s Coffee Crown on the Road 2017 webpage here.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.