You know those times when you can’t decide if you should use your Dragon Brewer to make a nice cup of coffee or take a huge bong rip? We’ve all been there. But now in those times of upper and downer indecision, there’s BrewBudz, a brand new coffee pod infused with cannabis flower.

According to Westword (not to be confused with West World, though that would be a pretty great way to kill an hour after downing a cup of this strange brew), BrewBudz are Keurig-compatible lines “CBD- and THC- infused coffee, tea and cocoa.” The company creates pods for both recreational and medical uses, coming in 10 mg THC and 25 and 50 mg CBD options, respectively.

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And BrewBudz isn’t just throwing any old skunk for all their products. They are utilizing specifics type of cannabis based upon the contents of the pod. The coffee pod, for instance, uses a sativa strain while the more chilled out decaffeinated nighttime-type tea uses an indica.

Perhaps the best part of it all—other than, you know, the cannabis—is that the pods are 100% compostable:

The bottom of the cups is made of a soft mesh material, not a hard plastic; the cap looks and feels like plastic, but it’s made from coffee beans. “When the bean is being processed, the outside skin that comes off of it is known as the chafe,” [BrewBudz Vice President Jeffry] Paul explains. “They take that and use that to make the ring.”

BrewBudz constitutes the strongest argument to date for purchasing a Keurig machine. I’m still probably not gonna, but I wouldn’t be opposed to packing a pocketful of BrewBudz to help get me through the next big family get-together.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*images via BrewBudz

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