Nashville area brothers and sisters, lend us your ear, for we have something to tell you: Iron Tamper Competition is on like Donkey Kong. Get on down to the Ugly Mug (1886 Eastland Avenue) this coming Friday night, and be prepared to get jiggy with it, in outer space, on top of a big pizza pie with fireworks in the background.

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What’s an Iron Tamper, you might ask? “Is that a euphemism?” Heck no! It’s the Iron Man of barista craft and it sounds like a whole mess of fun. The rules are pretty simple, but to break it down for us, here’s more on Iron Tamper from noted sugar bear Jason Dominy:

  • You’ll be paired up with one other barista.
  • You’ll have ten minutes to create an espresso based drink using at least one of three secret ingredients which you’ll find out when the competition starts.
  • You are free to bring your own ingredients to help with your drinks, but no alcohol, and drinks must include at least one of the three ingredients.
  • The drink can be hot or iced. It will be judged by three judges on flavor, creative use of ingredients, and balance of flavors.
  • There will be great prizes!
  • It’s only $5 to enter, and the winning team will split the pot!!

This event is sponsored by Batdorf & Bronson and The Ugly Mug, and kicks off at 7:3o pm, so go sign up on Facebook!

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