The folks at Threadless, “a community-based design company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by its members,” have teamed up with Chicago’s own Bow Truss Coffee for a pretty innovative design and co-branding project – one that could potentially make YOU the star in a cool design campaign! It’s a crowdsourced fun way to get involved in something hot, and really get your prospective design clients buzzing, PLUS you can win $2000 and a $250 Threadless gift card. Whoa! Sign up here to enter, only 19 days left to submit to this community-scored crowdsourced design pop-up speakeasy oh no what’s happening…

Phew! Sorry, we just sometimes get overwhelmed by all the “Digi-Marketing 101 Web 2.0” talk. But we do actually think this contest sounds pretty cool, and that’s awesome they’re giving away $2000 for it – that’s like as much as you get for winning a barista competition, and all you have to do here is design a bag that can stand up to crowdsourced scrutiny. It’s just that all the “integration” and “contest marketing” and Web 2.0 stuff is kind of mind boggling to us — we’re the ones who don’t get it, obviously. We’re the ones who are Behind The Internet Times. And then we start pondering all the Marketing stuff we’re probably missing out on, and our cerebral cortices begin to throb uncontrollably with the the need to effectively CROWDSOURCE our VIRAL neo-demo FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS for organic utilization in share-of-voice COMPETITIONS STARRING YOU for one week only POWERED BY BING and DISNEY/ESPN featuring TRIP ADVISOR rating the WEDDING BLOGS four stars! five stars! streamline that brand buzz messaging influence interface, oh lord, oh no it’s eating our brains, authentic transparency ROI SEO FWIW IMHO OMG tell our spouses we love th–

In Chicago, Bow Truss Coffee Roasters recently opened it roasting and coffeeshop doors with the mission to serve classy coffee to cool people. This challenge is your chance to see your artwork on bags of the Threadless Specialty Blend, a heavier body coffee blend originating from Colombia and Mexico with notes of cherry, dark chocolate, and peach.

Bow Truss will serve the Threadless Specialty Blend at their Chicago coffeehouse and add it to the lineup of coffee blends available for sale worldwide on their site. There are no color restrictions on your design. Your can create a design for the entire bag, but keep in mind a sticker goes on the front. So download the template, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get started!

Design submission (Threadless)
“Coffee Bean” Design Concept (Threadless)

Sign up here via Threadless! Go get that cash, y’all. Also you can learn more about Bow Truss Coffee here – they’re one of Chicago’s newest roasters, donchaknow.