Nashville! Party down with dose. Coffee & Tea this Sunday, September 9th, to celebrate their third year in business. Party starts at 3PM and features free espressos, chocolate tastings, and tea slurping. The folks at dose. are celebrating their three year anniversary so if you’re in the area, stop on by. We love three year anniversaries because the third year is the LEATHER YEAR. Woof! More from dose.:

We’re hosting on open house to celebrate our third year anniversary! Really it’s just an excuse to have a blow-out tasting party with Askinosie Chocolate and Counter Culture Coffee, both of whom will be on hand to sample products that show the difference processing makes.

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Mallory Roth from Askinosie Chocolate will be sampling cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa solids (powder), un-conched chocolate, as well as at least 3 single-origin dark chocolates (Ecuador, Honduras, Philippines) also Philippines as a dark milk and a white chocolate. Basically it’s bean-to-bar, as experienced by your mouth.

David LaMont and the CCC Atlanta newbie Emily Davis will be doing pour-overs of washed (Haru) and natural (Kilenso Mokonisa) Ethiopian coffees, as well as a few surprise bonus coffees straight from Durham HQ. We’ll also be pulling FREE shots of Haru SOE at the bar.

If that’s not enough, we’ll be setting up a tea bar to with three teas – one white, one green, and one black – all from the region of Darjeeling (via SerendipiTea), as well as providing some goodies from our bakery to help soak up some of the caffeine.

Of course anyone and everyone is welcome and it’s completely free.

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