There’s nothing we here at like more than a good old fashioned sweepstakes…except for maybe the chance to go “glamping” (glamorous camping) on a beautiful part of the California coast, surrounded by delicious coffee and fancy coffee equipment and other coffee nerds. We like both of those things equally, and oh brother, if there were just some way we could take those two things and put them together…

You should GO NOW TO THIS WEBSITE and enter to win a completely free trip to West Coast Camp Pull-A-Shot, sponsored by Toddy and the Specialty Coffee Association of America. No foolies!

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For folks unfamiliar with Camp Pull-A-Shot, it’s basically like an episode of Salute Your Shorts, except with more educational courses for baristas looking to improve their craft, and fewer instances of the dreaded awful waffle. When we say this contest is completely free, we mean totally and completely free, but here it is from the horse’s mouth (the horse being that website we linked to above):

The winner will receive a 2012 Barista Guild Camp Trip Package, which consists of (a) one (1) free registration for the Barista Guild 2012 Camp (โ€œCampโ€) transportation for one (1) person on an airline to be selected by SCAA from the airlineโ€™s gateway airport that is closest to the winnerโ€™s United States residence to the airport in Santa Barbara designated by SCAA, up to a maximum air travel cost of $1,000.

You should go ahead and enter this contest today, because it expires tomorrow, September 7th, at 4pm PST. You can learn more by checking out the Facebook listing, but what you actually need to do is to GO TO THIS LINK RIGHT NOW and enter the actual contest ASAP. Because winning free stuff rules, and Camp Pull-A-Shot is really fun and beautiful.

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