Our much-loved and semi-irregular “Musicians In Coffee” series continues today with the music of Tim Wenzel, known by his stage name MSG. Mr. Wenzel has been with the Portland branch of Stumptown Coffee Roasters for over a decade, exemplifying the longstanding family dynamic that characterizes that company’s unique place in Portland culture. He’s a wonder to watch behind the bar and a fabulous artist, perhaps best known for the iconic collage print and web advertisements he produces for Stumptown, many of which have graced this website over the last 2+ years.

We think Tim is a talented musician, if admittedly eccentric. MSG presents a beautifully childish balance of cassette tape hiss, low-fi synths, and absurd and wonderful songwriting that comes from deep within Mr. Wenzel’s gaseous belly. We’re featuring him today because of he’s put together a Kickstarter campaign: to help fund his very first vinyl release. For $100, you can own his forthcoming record, a surely-wondrous DVD, and a one-of-a-kind piece of collectible art Tim will design just for you.

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More from Mr. Wenzel via Kickstarter:

I am super proud of the MSG record, “Songs from a Gated Community”, as well as the DVD “Peak of Excitement”. I would love to have your help and support to make this goal of mine possible; putting out the recording on vinyl and releasing the DVD, both of which I have worked very long and hard on and am super, super stoked on! I feel very confident that you’ll feel the same way about MSG “Songs from a Gated Community” and DVD “Peak of Excitement”.

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