It’s that time of year again, the date all you hypebaristas have had circled on your calendars. The Fall/Winter 2022 Supreme Lookbook is here. It has all the standard new hotness you’d expect out of a fashion line lookbook: tees, tops, pants, outwear, sweatsharts, hats, etc. But Supreme being Supreme, the forthcoming collection is no without a host of goofy collabs, including none other than a Supreme-branded Moccamaster KBGV Select coffeemaker.

That’s right, the Moccamaster, the iconic Dutch coffeemaker, capable of brewing coffee to SCA standards and easily the most recognizable silhouette in the automatic coffeemaking world, is getting Supremed. It’s a collaboration that both makes a ton of sense and feels completely random (though perhaps not as random as the Supreme kettlebell also featured in the lookbook). The mid-century modern brewer already comes in over 20 rather fetching colors—including Red and Yellow Pepper, which look strikingly similar to the two colorways Supreme is putting out—so the company has already shown a keen eye for aesthetics. Why not work with an incredibly popular design-forward streetwear brand to get your product in front of an entirely new set of eyeballs?

advert new rules of coffee now available


Even still, it’s just like, what are we doing here? Along with the Moccamaster, the Fall/Winter 2022 Lookbook includes a tea set, and that makes sense I guess, but there’s also a Singer sewing machine, a Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jar, a toolbox, olive oil, a snow shovel, a deck chair, a Beanie Baby, even a Honda motorcycle. What is the through line here? It’s like someone at Supreme found an old Sears catalog and was like, “yeah, we could put our logo on that.”

supreme lookbook
via Supreme

I get it, I’m old and thus I don’t get it. It’s an agree to disagree situation, but for why exactly this is even happening. But if you get it, and you want to get a Supreme Moccamaster, be on the lookout, as per Hypebeast, drops from the Fall/Winter 2022 Supreme Lookbook will start arriving on August 25th (the 27th in Japan). The price for the Supreme Moccamaster is not yet given, but don’t expect it to be cheap. A non-branded KBGV Select retails for $359. The collab, on can safely assume will be much more, in the Supremely expensive range.

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