Bowery Boogie reports a “artsy, multi-purpose cafe” is underway at 40 Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side. The facility, similar to Milk Studios in Chelsea, will be a reverse mullet of sorts: party in the front (in this case, the party is a cafe serving Intelligentsia coffee and fresh-pressed juices) and business in the back (a fully-functional photography studio). More from the Boogie via an email with 40 Ludlow Street proprietor Bjorn Brandt:

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The first part of the space will be the Cafรฉ at Ludlow Studios. It will serve as a coffee shop for the public, and also for cast and crew for the space. I already have a verbal agreement with Intelligentsia Coffee to carry their product in the cafรฉ at Ludlow Studios. It will be equipped with a Norwalk cold-press juicer, and a La Marzocco fully-automatic espresso maker. I am also going to make the entire space rentable, i.e. if a photographer wants to rent the space for a day, he or she can effectively rent the โ€˜Cafรฉโ€™ as well. The primary space, or the majority of the square footage, will serve as a multi-use. It will primarily be marketed as a Photo / Video studio, but will also serve as an event space, and also as a gallery.

(Bowery Boogie)
(Bowery Boogie)

Read the whole thing here via Bowery Boogie.

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