Over the weekend of May 3rd-5th, barista champions from Romania, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Belgium, France, Iceland, Korea, Greece, Poland, and the UK will meet for a three-day seminar at the Dalla Corte loft in Milan. There they will collaborate and calibrate in preparation for the upcoming World Latte Art and Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, which goes down in Nice, France in June. This is the second such event put together by the Dalla Corte team, and Sprudge.com will be there in Milan to report on what’s sure to be a bumper crop of coffee news and frothy gossip.

World Barista Judge and Icelandic specialty coffee legend Sonja Grant will lead lectures on rules and regulations, while representatives from Mahlkoenig, Dalla Corte, Urnex, and Alpro will lead talks on their roles in the World Coffee Events – as well as hints and tips on using their equipment and materials. The DC Campus will also host a Soy Latte Art competition.

Antonella Cutrona of Dalla Corte tells us, “Really the idea behind is to support all the guys participating in the campus and the finals, an event that’s able to spread the latte art and signature drink culture. These baristas spend a lot of time in training by themselves. This is an event where they can meet each other, work together, and share their knowledge.”

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Our partners at Urnex and Dalla Corte have teamed up to send Sprudge to the event. We’ll capture all the action and report back to you right here on Sprudge.com.

In the meantime, here’s an interview with Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez produced by Dalla Corte:

Mr. Ramirez was part of our Small Business Panel at the 2012 edition of Let’s Talk Coffee, an annual summit of producers and industry leaders hosted by Sustainable Harvest. We made a short video slideshow on Sublime Coffee Roasters as a means of introduction to Fabrizio – let’s check it out:

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