Very disturbing.

The blog “London Thru Cafes” reports that London’s duo of Prufrock Coffee locations (Shoreditch and Leather Lane) are serving something called “The Wendelhoff”, a modified cupping method that requires steeping, breaking, skimming, and filtering through a woodneck cloth. LTC has more:

This subtle coffee drink is named after two World Barista Champions James Hoffman [sic] (Tokyo, 2007) and Norway’s Tim Wendelboe (Trieste, 2004) – and you can try it at Prufrock Coffee on Leather Lane.

Prufrock director Jeremy Chandler says he first saw the drink being made at the 2011 UK Brewer’s Cup, which was hosted by Prufrock’s. It was made by James Hoffman of Square Mile Coffee and was also the winning drink. When he makes the drink, Jeremy uses a brew ratio of 60-70g per litre, depending on preference. Then it’s a coarse grind, a four minute steep (using neutral filtered soft water, about two minutes off the boil). Break the crust (don’t be tempted to do this before the four minutes are up). Finally, put it through a woodneck (a cloth filter) – you’ll find the flavours change as the coffee cools.

That name is gleefully goofy, and both sounds and looks (see above) like something from The Muppets. Well done, Prufrock! Also, blah blah blah the Olympics, since this feature is about London and everyone is required to mention the Olympics right now when they write about London.