Chicago: Jenaeth Markaj and Talon Coffee

Chicago: Jenaeth Markaj and Talon Coffee

Chicago socialite (that’s her official title at The Examiner) Jenaeth Markaj has profiled the brand new Talon Coffee, a non-profit cafe serving up milk and Oreo cookie pairings alongside Intelligentsia Coffee. Proceeds from the shop will support Chicago Hope Academy, a neighborhood college prep high school. Janeath bequeaths:

Talon also provides jobs for community members; current employees include a Chicago Hope high school student, a parent, and a teacher’s wife. Foote is studying restaurant management at Cornell and has taken a year off from his program to take on this project. Under his leadership, students will be able to gain experience in the hospitality industry that can supplement future educational and professional goals.

Future plans include hosting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings two mornings and two evenings a week in the basement of the coffee shop. (The nearest AA meeting location is a 15-20 minute drive, making it difficult for many community members to attend). Talon would also like to open the space up to local artists looking for new venues to show their work; artists will be able to host openings and sell their pieces directly from the location. Tastings educating the public about the world of coffee are also in the works.

The space looks stunning, with exposed brick, plush couches, and gorgeous oriental rugs. The whole thing just screams “DELUXE”. And wouldn’t you know? The building was almost torn down by that mean old Chicago mayor and his band of stuffed shirt thugs. But back to the “socialite” thing – do you think Jenaeth Markaj has “Socialite” written on her business cards? She’s a card-carrying socialite!

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