Uri Ort And Coffee Kosherology

Some truly wonderful writing from Mark Oppenheimer and The New York Times:

“I have relationships with many Starbucks stores,” said Yuri Ort, a 26-year-old Orthodox Jew. “There really isn’t one specific store. That’s the fact. I’m friends with baristas in Texas, in Chicago, in Baltimore, and in the New York and New Jersey area.”

Mr. Ort, an unmarried e-commerce manager who lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, runs kosherstarbucks.com. He is the leading amateur in the world of coffee kosherology (that’s what we’re calling it): the science of figuring out what is kosher, what traditional religious Jews may consume, at Starbucks.

You should read this whole article, it’s touching. It was a thing that started small, and now Uri Ort has a full-page feature in the NYT. Mr Ort’s website is Kosher Starbucks, the definitive guide to what’s kosher and what isn’t at North America’s largest coffee retailer. Your caramel drizzle? Not kosher. My mocha drizzle? Totes fine.



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