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In case you were out living the caffeinated high-life, here’s all the coffee news you missed over the last seven days—it’s like your own personal coffee-themed Christmas Stocking, and you don’t have to wait to open it. Here’s what you missed…

Alex Bernson’s thoughtful and informative piece “Something Has To Change” — Reflections On Coffee Leaf Rust. Mr. Bernson’s spills his editorial takeaways on the dominant narrative at the conferences: the ongoing coffee leaf rust crisis in Latin America.

This behind-the-scenes look at Dublin, Ireland’s 3FE and their brand new Roastworks—exciting (and exclusive) things to come from these guys in 2014!

Our look inside the opening week at brand new Wellington-based roaster/retailer outfit “Red Rabbit Coffee Co.”

Our “Source Sartorial” Lookbooks.

If you didn’t know, the USA’s reigning World Barista Champion, and the 2012/2013 cycle United States Regional Barista Champions  are on a coffee safari in Kenya with Cafe Imports right now. Sprudge has been tagging along, and we must say, they’ve all been bringing some serious rugged realness on this trip–boots, skinny jeans and all. We got the deets on all of it and shot their looks amidst the stunning century-old French Mission Bourbon coffee trees at Chania Estate in Thika, Kenya.

Check out what your favorite sexy barista star is wearing in Kenya right now:

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Eastern Barista Champions: Sam Lewontin (@coffeeandbikes) & Lem Butler (@sexyfoam
Central Barista Champion & World Barista Champion:  Charlie Habegger (@brainofcharlie) & Pete Licata (@PeteLicata)
Western Barista Champions: Eden-Marie Abramowicz (@MissEdenMarie) & Devin Chapman (@devchap)

This gorgeous syphon pot concept by Portugal-based designer David Meteus—the cloth cord, cork, glass, and immersion heating coil are all drool-worthy.
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These coffee-themed city gift guides from our world-beating team of writers at each of our city desks.

Julie Wolfson’s Sunny, Fabulous Los Angeles Holiday Gift Guide


Leif Haven’s Very Bay Area Holiday Gift Guide


Eileen P. Kenny’s Melbourne Hot Weather Christmas Gift Guide  


This brilliant “Global Secret Santa Coffee Exchange.” Go sign up by December 15th! Hurry!


This feature on Artis Coffee—a new, roast-to-order, let-the-customer-choose-the-roasting-choices cafe in Berkeley.

artis retail

These totally real and non-photoshopped photos of Olympic Diver Tom Daley diving into Latte ArtThey’re real, and they’re fabulous.


Our list of “5 Surefire Ways To Get A Discount At Your Favorite Coffee Bar.” It’s super easy.


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