The Eureka Coffee truck is almost ready to start scooting around the Bay Area, bringing coffee from noteworthy micro-roasters to events, markets, weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, and who knows what else. We’re into it, so let’s check out the Kickstarter a little further.

Eureka Coffee (official website here) is the work of Jessica Caisse, a longtime coffee professional with a genuine enthusiasm for the industry that shows in her Kickstarter page. Here’s more on the project:

To begin with, the truck will be used to cater events, until we’ve gotten our sea-legs a little. Then, who knows?? Right outside your door perhaps! The process will be an organic one, as Eureka Coffee takes on a life of her own.

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We in the Bay Area are extremely fortunate to have access to some of the best and most carefully crafted coffees in the country, made by professionals who are able to prepare drinks in a way that does justice to the care and hard work put into crops by the growers. Most of us here have “our coffee shop” that we like to visit most mornings which can provide us with all this; The beauty of being on wheels will be the ability to bring coffee of this same caliber to new and less inundated places up and down the Bay, and spread the word on great coffee to as many folks as we can!

Also of potential interest to Sprudge readers, here’s some shirtless hunks building out the truck:


At no point does this Kickstarter entry employ the word “artisan” or “craftsman”. It does not contain a “hipster package”, nor make any wild claims about revolutionizing the industry or changing the world. It is simply an earnest, relatable plea from a small business owner for a bit of crowdfunding, necessary to get her very cool sounding project off the ground. We think it’s a buy.

Eureka Coffee on Kickstarter
Seeking: $20,000
Amount left at time of publication: $11,068
Days to go at time of publication: 18



All photos courtesy of Eureka Coffee

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