Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of November ...

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of November 30th, 2013


The coffee world is a busy place, and not even a popular American holiday could slow it down. In case you were too busy gorging yourself with food, here’s the last seven days of coffee news, all in one spot. It’s like that extra piece of chocolate pie (with surplus Reddi-Wip) that you know you shouldn’t eat—but it feels so, so good.

Here’s what you missed…

This list of 6 Curated Coffee Kits available just in time for the holidays.
It’s everything you need to get in the coffee game, really.


This cheerful roster of curated Holiday Blends from some of our favorite roasters.
Blends on blends on blends.


This super-smart scale that’s made specifically for coffee brewing.
It’s attractive, minimalistic, and it’s got a super cute app—this pretty little scale just needs a little kickstart from a special someone like you.


Randy Bodum’s Natvia Party Night Terror Flashback
His long-awaited dispatch from the Melbourne WBC After-Party was written on a bunch of old napkins and was super late, but we still published it. For sure one of the strangest things ever to appear on Sprudge. 


This “Special Cafe Request” from Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence
An anthem for famous coffee lovers everywhere.

This list of 16 Things To Be Thankful For in Life (And Coffee)
We’re super thankful for all of our readers—and 16 other things.

This feature on Intelligentsia’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop in Brazil
Re-capped and explained by the famed green buyer Geoff Watts. When Mr. Watts writes, you read—it’s basically coffee law.


This feature on Bump, a new cafe in Auckland.
Bump! is the sound when a Kiwi Latte Art Champion, specialty coffee and a hole in the wall collide. Our first feature from Albert Au! 


Happy weekend, everybody! Get ready for some exciting Sprudge stuff happening when we get back at it next week.

Ben Blake is the genius behind Draw Coffee (@drawcoffee) and a weekly recap contributor to Sprudge. Read more Ben Blake on Sprudge right here.

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