Stumptown Coffee Roasters opened a temporary pop-up shop in the Sid Lee at 101 Albert Cuypstraat earlier this month. Stumptown baristas Jennifer, Katie and Robyn are all blogging about their experiences as expats in Amsterdam.


Netherbrew – Jen’s personal blog. Lots of great pictures, an insider look at the 2010 DBC and a look at what an Amsterdam Underground Market looks like.

There was everything from antique wares, lemon curd, savory cornbread cupcakes, pies and sausages, chocolate truffles, seaweed desserts, artisan salts, and our very own slow bar! We made over 50 cups of pour-over for folks. I have been a barista at many different events, but usually I’m manning an espresso machine – my natural setting compared to preparing cup after cup of melitta! It was my first time working a slow bar, and was fun and fast.

Grover Does Amsterdam – “I don’t think I would’ve named it Grover Does Amsterdam if I knew people were actually going to look at it,” says Robyn. Her Tumblr blog has stunning photography and video from De Pijp. Her photos have been featured on multiple blogs and Stumptown’s official web site and is updated regularly.

Daniela of Sid Lee

Katie and Kees

whoa cup – Katie’s Tumblr blog offers photos, stories and hilarity.

Customers have been really into the brewing demos at the cafe, and are excited by how different the same coffee can taste through a Chemex or a Siphon or an Aeropress. Or even brewing coffee two different ways in an Aeropress can yield completely different results.

Zachary and I kind of have an infomercial routine down pat, and it usually ends with something like, “and the clean up is soooo easy!”