Coffee City reporter Melissa Allison has published an extensive interview with Jeff Babcock, Zoka's owner and founder. In it, Jeff Babcock directly addressed a number of rumors, posted yesterday on Sprudge, that have been swirling around the Seattle coffee scene for the past few months:

“It's been tight times, but the stores are all profitable, and the wholesale business is profitable, and we have good things to look forward to in the future…

It's been profitable [Zoka Kirkland] for the past month with record sales every day, after breaking even since it opened last August. Sales are up 15 to 20 percentΒ .”

We're relieved that these rumors have been put to rest. We should have spoken to Mr. Babcock directly, on-the-record, prior to publishing our report, and in the future, we'll be more careful in our reporting. We sincerely look forward to enjoying Zoka coffees in the months and years to come.