London, hold on to your mackintosh. Saturday, December 3rd marks your chance to get a first look at the all-new Kees van der Westen Spirit prototype. Better yet, you’re graciously invited to do so at a gala bacchanalia hosted by Prufrock Coffee in their London Barista Resource and Training centre (!), located at 23-25 Leather Lane (!!) EC1N.

The party will feature exclusive chats from 2009 WBC Champion and really very nice fellow Gwilym Davies, 2010 UK Barista Champ and perennial international contender John Gordon (who is also very nice), and Mr. Kees himself. Festivities start at 4pm, and will feature beer from BrewDog, coffee from Square Mile, and maybe some stroopwaffels brought from the Netherlands by KVDW?

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We yet to step foot in Prufrock’s Leather Lane club (!!!), but at least you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee on one of those bloody poncy £775 jean jackets over at the boutique they share with the Shoreditch shop. Seriously, that place sells trousers worth more than this website.

Check out Prufrock coffee online here.


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