We are beyond excited to announce that will be the exclusive home for “Coffee Uncut”, a brand new specialty coffee podcast hosted by Alexandra Littlejohn (@ravenspeaking). Ms. Littlejohn is well known to specialty coffee enthusiasts in the United States for being newly elected member of the Barista Guild of America‘s Executive Council; she also represents Verve Coffee Roasters in the Los Angeles area, and writes a pretty fantastic blog from time to time.

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We were so impressed by episode one (available here) of Alex’s show, and it turned out she really liked the idea of having her podcast hosted by Sprudge. Our role is to provide technical support (i.e. sweet new gear, hosting bandwidth) to Alex Littlejohn under the newly created Sprudge Media banner. To be very clear, Sprudge is merely the publisher of “Coffee Uncut”; this is 100% Alexandra Littlejohn’s show. What she says goes, she’s the boss, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

You can look forward to new episodes of “Coffee Uncut” each week here on Week Two on the show features Colin Whitcomb (MadCap Coffee), Cody Kinart (Alterra Coffee), and Talya Strader (Bow Truss Coffee Roasters). It’s available streaming in the box below, or for direct download via this link. 

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