Funded. Andrew Barnett and Anthony Myint’s hotly anticipated Linea Caffe coffee/waffle/salad project has successfully raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter for outdoor seating. Residents and visitors to San Francisco’s Mission District will be able to bask in the sunshine on San Carlos Street and / or take refuge from the daily cavalcade of madness at the nearby 16th Street BART stop.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


There are eight days left in the project to pledge money for some pretty ridiculous rewards. Here are some of our favorites:

$45 Limited Edition Linea Caffe tumbler from Heath Ceramics.

$55 – Signed copy of the Mission Street Food cook book, a pound of Linea Caffe coffee, and backer cred on the LC website.

$350 – One free coffee drink and waffle of your choice every week for a year (plus backer cred). 

Free waffles and a coffee drink every week for a year sounds pretty hollerable. You’ll be the most envied guy or gal on the Google bus! Go bid!

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