Here it is, the worst customer interaction in human history. 27 year-old Taylor Chapman is responsible for the video (and the profanity and racist remarks) and Abid Adar is the incredible Dunkin’ Donuts employee that handles the whole eight minute ordeal with grace, humility, and outstanding professionalism.

Watching this video is excruciating:

Mr. Adar’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by Dunkin’ Donuts higher-ups, who are honoring the employee with a beach getaway to nearby Boca Raton, Florida, plus surely issuing him some sort of Purple Frosting Donut Heart. The viral video inspired a heartfelt IndieGoGo “Sorry Abid Adar” Campaign to raise money for Abid’s pain and suffering (watching that video is like the ultimate exercise in pain and suffering).

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As for Taylor Chapman, well, let us revel in her deserved public shaming with the following links:



Smoking Gun (Meet The Belligerent Bigot)

Hollywood Gossip

NY Daily News


For shame, Taylor Chapman. For shame.

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