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Breaking late tonight via the Always Working Facebook Wire™, we’ve got word that the Barista Guild of America – surely among the world’s foremost organizations for professional barista education and advocacy – have organized a LIVE, BREAKING question and answer session with your 2013 global coffee champs: World Barista Champion Pete Licata and World Brewers Cup Champion Erin McCarthy!

This live, candid panel will be hosted by BGA Executive Council member Lorenzo Perkins, himself a longtime coffee competitor and director of science and education at Cuvee Coffee. Guests can join Mr. Perkins as he interviews Mssrs. Licata and McCarthy by clicking this here link – – starting at 12pm sharp PST on Wednesday, June 12th (tomorrow for most parts of the world).

Did they love Melbourne? Did they see a kangaroo? Did they sing various American sloganeering ballads when they heard the other had won? And how *does* it feel, to journey to the bottom of the earth and bring home not one, but TWO world championship titles? You can ask them all this and more, live on YouTube.

Learn more on Facebook here! It’s like going to a coffee event without leaving your couch. We’ll see you there, digitally!

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