We’ve been covering the ongoing Bay Area Coffee Community Latte Art Series since its inception all the way back in January, and what a wild ride it has been. There have been high highs, but few lows, and it’s all leading up to this: Thursday, June 13th is the final BACC battle, hosted by Coffee Bar in the Mission District of San Francisco (1890 Bryant Street).

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There’s a whole heap of stuff going on that night in conjunction with the BACC finals, including a public tasting of Mr. Espresso’s barrel-aged coffee series at 5pm, event sign ups at 6pm, and a sweet afterparty hosted by Caffeine Crawl following the festivities. To the winners go the spoils: $7500 in prizes are at stake, including sweet goodies from the likes of Baratza, UNIC-USA, Espresso Parts, and us here at! We’ll be giving away a free featurette on Sprudge to the winner – any topic, any subject, it’s all up to the winner’s choosing. Oh, AND there’s going to be Mr. Espresso frozen kuhsterd, made with coffee from the SOPACDI cooperative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The team at BACC have put together a cool series of interviews on some of the top competitors in this first season of the Latte Art Series – folks like Harald McGovern (Coffee Bar), Demart Denaro (Blue Bottle), and Lauren Crabbe (Andytown). These interviews are candid, and at times dishy, but always fun to read – no matter where you are in the world, if you want to know more about some of the characters who make up the thriving coffee scene in San Francisco, this is a great place to start. will be live on site at the 2013 BACC finals, represented with paid reportage by Michael “Panda” Fernandez of Espresso Parts (whose birthday is today, btw). Mr. Fernandez will be taking notes and reporting back to Sprudge with an exclusive feature on the final night of BACCanalia in the Bay, and you’d best believe we’re looking forward to publishing that one.

Congrats to all at BACC for a stellar first season, and stay tuned for a big announcement on BACC’s Latte Art Series Season 2!

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