Auction results are in from today’s Guatemala COE bidding, and the indomitable Finca El Injierto has once again taken top honors. Their 100% Pacamara crop has topped COE tables in 4 out of the last 5 years. This year’s high bid went for $28.00, to South Korea’s C & C, Ltd. This is up from the $22.04 El Injierto garnered in 2009, but still, a significant drop from the all-time auction high of $80.20/pound paid in 2008 by the triumvirate of Stumptown, Sweet Maria’s and Marayama Coffee (Mikatajuku). had the distinct privilege to cup all 28 of Guatemala’s COE entries in this year’s auction, a daunting and fascinating task. This year’s crop was judged to be great-but-not-spectacular, with many of the standouts coming from well into the teens. We’re in particular excited to try future roasts of lot #10, Los Cuxinales Y Anexos, a Bourbon from the Ciudad Vieja region of Antigua, a coffee with tasting notes that bounced from “ethereal” to “milk chocolate” and an emphatically long, clean finish. Los Cuxinales was purchased at auction by Mercanta, and will be available at Martin Diedrich’s Kéan Coffee (Southern California) and Fonte Cofee Roasters (Seattle). Los Cuxinales will also be available for international shipping through Stephen Leighton’s Has Bean Coffee.

Check out the complete auction results here