Penny University, the East London slow-brew phenomenon that charmed the world during this year’s World Barista Championship, has been slated for imminent closing. A collaboration between the who’s-who of London coffee, Penny University has been open since last May, offering a boutique menu of Square Mile coffees presented with slow bar wizardry made possible by the Marco Uber Boiler, Hario equipment and passionate baristas. From the Square Mile Press Release:

In early May, our friends at Aesop offered us use of one of their spaces for a three-month period, and Square Mile Coffee Roasters were suddenly presented with an opportunity to create a retail space of a starkly original nature…But now, in mid-July, that three month period is coming to a close. Despite having the opportunity to continue Penny University for a longer period, we’ve had a tremendously difficult decision to make. After a great deal of debate, and careful, considered deliberation, it’s with slightly mixed emotions that we announce that Penny University will be closing for business at 4:00pm Friday 30 July.

We had a chance to visit Penny U during the WBC, and were bowled over by the aesthetic warmth of the space, our gracious and informative barista, Tobia Cockerell, and of course the delicious coffees we were served. James and Tim Williams wrote in their press release, “We genuinely believe that Penny University has burned very brightly, and served a great purpose in the London coffee community”, and we here at Sprudge.com couldn’t agree more. Penny University, we hardly knew ye, but we feel you may very well prove to be a Velvet Undreground / Sex Pistols / Ramones-esque influence on the world of international coffee, inspiring those lucky enough to have visited you with future endeavors of their own. And for our friends around the world who never had a chance to enjoy Penny University yet desperately wished to, we’ll leave you with this bit of hope:

In the months to come we will be exploring future retail opportunities, and fully expect that our Penny University bar will be featured prominently in the next project we undertake. For now, however, we’d like to say concisely and succinctly, thank you.

No, Square Mile, thank you.