Frankenbrew and You: GenMod Beans And The Future T...

Frankenbrew and You: GenMod Beans And The Future Terror Harvest

Frahnk-Uhn-Steen! That's Frahnk-Uhn-Steen!

It’s been a while since we checked in with Seattle Times coffee columnist Melissa Allison, but we’re happy to link today to her recent article and the strange history and spooky future of genetically modified coffee products. Frankensteined coffee crops! Beans intentionally kept from maturity, like some sort of Caturra castrato! Ripening chemical sprays! Eww.

The Food & Drug Administration considers this week whether to allow the production of genetically modified salmon, which if it is allowed would not be labeled as such. It would be the first genetically altered animal allowed as food in the U.S.

Engineered crops have been permitted — and not labeled — for years, including genetically modified coffee.

In 1999, the University of Hawaii was granted a U.S. patent on coffee that’s genetically altered to stop growing just short of maturity so that berries are at the same stage when they are picked, The Independent in London reported. The coffee is then ripened by a chemical spray.

Enjoy the rest of Melissa’s article here, via the Seattle Times online.


  1. Name (required)

    27 September

    Caturra castrato! Halarious!

  2. GMO will ruin Specialty in 3 years

    24 September

    The tip of the iceberg here. is also GE coffee with drugs in it all ready to go. Viagra, Antidepressants and weight control type stuff. Any farmer can tell you that the GE will cross polinate with the natural in 3 seasons and the GE traits will predominate. Not to mention the enslavement of farms to chemical companies. Stopping GE coffee is do or die for Specialty, and these monsters are trying to put us all out of business, organic or not.

  3. Hunt Slade

    22 September

    Oops, sorry – make that 220 million!! check it out at the Wall Street Journal from Aug 26, 2010:

  4. Hunt Slade

    22 September

    If you think this is scary, take a look into the lab-created strain that Nestle is about to flood the market with – to the tune of 100 million plants over the next 10 years – given “for free” along with ag training to any coffee farmer that wants them. Sound good? Wrong – this is the next Vietnamese coffee.

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