A Film About Coffee, the feature film about the specialty coffee movement that just premiered at the SCAA Event in Seattle, has announced screening dates in San Francisco, Ottawa and Portland, OR, with more dates in the works world-wide.

Portland, Oregon – Laurelhurst Theatre
May 29th, 7:00PM (Doors at 6PM) Buy Tickets

San Francisco, California – Castro Theatre
June 3rd, 7:30PM (Doors at 6:30PM) Buy Tickets

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Ottawa, Ontario – Mayfair Theatre
July 17th, 7:30PM (Doors at 7PM) Buy Tickets

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.09.42 PM
A still from A Film About Coffee. (Vimeo)

Filmmaker Brandon Loper traveled the world while developing A Film About Coffee, visiting farms in Rwanda and Honduras. Coffee luminaries James Freeman (Blue Bottle Coffee), Eileen Hassi (Ritual Roasters), and Peter Giuliano (SCAA) are featured in the film. Our event Cupping California at SFMOMA makes a cameo.

Loper says that the response to the film has been strong, with “over 120 screening requests” post-premiere. The team is trying to screen the film as much as possible, with NYC, LA, Chicago, Paris, London, and Tokyo currently in the works. In SF they will be showing at the iconic Castro Theater, and in Portland at the Laurelhurst Theater, one of the most quintessential examples of Portland’s funky old theaters where you can drink beers and eat pizza in a screening.

The screenings will feature free coffee from local roasters like Stumptown Coffee, and a post-screening Q&A. Tickets will be $15. You can find show-times and buy tickets here, and watch the trailer for A Film About Coffee below.

A Film About Coffee // Theatrical Trailer from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

Buy tickets to see this gorgeous documentary.

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