There's perhaps no more prestigious award in all of specialty coffee than The Dilly Awards, an annual celebration of all things Dillanos Coffee Roasters. The glitter, the glamour, the fashion! This year was no exception, as multiple members of the Dillanos staff caps lock BROUGHT IT on the red carpet in the finest of style. The folks at Dillanos know how to put on a party – and the paparazzi were out in full swing. Lucky us.

Let's take a look at the fashion do's, the fashion meh's, and the heart-stopping couture of the 2013 Dilly Awards:


“All look. Head to toe. She brought it. Those loafers, that robe, the accessories – Chardonnay Mom realness.”


“That blouse is working, honey. But the open-toed sandals? Next time wear your pumps.”


“Oh, Daddy. You had me with the scarf flourish but I fell in love with the houndstooth cap.”


“The ladies look fabulous, but cutie in the middle can do a little better than a polo shirt and shorts. We all know you did not just get done playing lacrosse, honey. Tuck in that undershirt. Call me!”


“Finally, a little sophistication from the menfolks. Like a dashing young Jack Palance, ready to do one-handed push-ups at the Oscars. We're just loving the classic, distinguished look.”


“Is it romance on the red carpet or are they just hamming it up for the camera? Either way, those cargo shorts have got to go.”


“She accepts the award with poise and grace. The acceptance speech brought everyone to tears. Work!”

Check out more photos from the 2013 Dilly Awards right here on Facebook.