Sprudge.com correspondent and Kaffikaze agent provocateur Harald Voyle is covering the Japanese Aeropress Championship LIVE from Tokyo, Japan, and he’s passed along to us this super-exclusive link to the JAC livestream.


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Here’s our breakdown of the scene so far:

* A bunch of Japanese baristas making Aeropresses.

* A bunch of Scandinavians judging said Japanese baristas.

* A glimpse into the stunning interior of Fuglen Tokyo, where this event is being held.

Tune in live to Livestream RIGHT NOW (8:45 PM PST – 11:45 PM EST – 1:45PM Melbs – 4:45AM in London) to see these top flight Japanese baristas duke it out for a chance to represent their homeland at the 2013 World Aeropress Championship. We’ll be glued to our screens at the fabulous LAX Virgin Australia Loft Lounge to see who wins, and look for extended JAC coverage from Mr. Voyle in the coming days right here on Sprudge.com.

Go watch the stream right now!

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