There’s an exciting event happening on Saturday, July 20th at Allegro Coffee in Thornton, Colorado. Our good friend Josh Taves of Dogwood Coffee Roasters sent along this information:

It is being put on by the Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance in conjunction with the Barista Guild of America and will have speakers from Dogwood, Allegro, Coffee Shrub, Roasters Guild, BGA, as well as some recognized Denver coffee professionals.

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And here’s some more information from the official Facebook event page:

Think of it like TedxCoffee. 8 presenters each with 10-20 minutes to discuss anything and everything about coffee. The event will include science, philosophy and customer service. Are you interested in getting a more in-depth understanding of coffee? Please plan on joining us as professionals and enthusiasts all over Colorado come together to chat, enlighten, and help promote quality coffee and open dialogue.

The event starts at 3:30pm
Coffee Tasting
4 Lectures
15 Minute break
4 Lectures
After Hours at undisclosed Bar to continue the conversation

The TED of Coffee, you say? Yes! We love TED. It got us thinking about TED’s history, and the important and prolific speakers in coffee they’ve invited on the coveted TED stage (and some TEDx subsidiary stages around the world). Please see our separate post for a rundown of The 7 Greatest “Like TED For Coffee” Talks In History.

Sign up for this event in Denver here! 


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