For well over two decades, the TED Conference have brought thinkers, doers, movers, and shakers along with thousands of young, fresh minds in technology, design, entertainment, and education. Through the third-party TEDx license, the conference has expanded to smaller gatherings worldwide. TED has an impressive library of inspirational talks available online.

Unfortunately, not all talks are available (as of yet), and a lot of these talks were explicitly coffee-focused. Aha, but fortunately, we’ve got some connections here at Sprudge – some pretty deep connections, frankly – and so here’s a list of seven brilliant unreleased coffee talks from TED’s remarkable historical archives.


7. When an 8 year old lemon pound cake charmed a crowd with its stirring talk on the importance of group think in elementary school classrooms.


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6. When the stainless steel thermos literally shocked an audience with its live demonstration of its wireless electricity research at MIT.


5. When the frappuccino wowwed the TEDx Glasgow audience with its story on winning the gold medal in the 500m dash on its two prosthetic limbs.


4. When the Anthora Coffee Cup spoke about the power of creative thinking.


3. When a Cortado brought the crowd to tears with a heartfelt rendition of “Baby Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”.


2. When a K-Cup turned heads on its talk on the dangers of “single brew bubbles” in industrialized coffee sectors.


1. When the Chemex touched upon brew methods that have the power to change a culture’s worldview.

There are so many other talks, like when the Aeropress spoke on the importance of inner beauty, and when the Kalita Wave gave a chilling talk on intellectual property rights and brewing devices. Do you have a favorite coffee-themed TED talk? And do you think that all specialty coffee lecture events should inherently be billed as being “Like TED For Coffee”?  Sound off in the comments below!

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