Tony’s Coffee is celebrating its 50th year roasting coffee in Bellingham, Washington. To mark this incredible occasion, the team has created a special commemorative 50th Anniversary Blend and commissioned a local artist to create a beautiful wraparound package. Tony’s sister company Camber Coffee is no stranger to beautiful, stylish artist collaborations, and this special coffee offering is as wonderful to drink as it is stunning to behold. We spoke with Tony’s Coffee Director of Marketing Cheriss Faiola to learn more.

Hello! Tell us about the artist for this collaboration, Jess Bonin.

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Jess Bonin is a talented local artist right here in Bellingham, WA. She started learning art at a young age from her mom, Diane Rice Bonin, a professional illustrator. Jess pursued a college degree in Painting and soon after started her commercial art career creating oil paintings, murals, and illustrations. She currently works as a tattoo artist out of her studio, while doing projects like this on the side.

Tonys 50th Bag

Describe the look of the design in your own words.

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In this beautiful illustration, we see joy and harmony. The natural environment is healthy and the wild space is rich with life. The plants are thriving and the animals are happy and healthy in this balanced ecosystem. This idyllic nature setting looks like our own backyard here in Bellingham and reminds us to take better care of the nature around us.

Tell us about some of the steps Tony’s is taking to work towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Each year we calculate the carbon footprint of our roastery and delivery fleet and offset that, plus five historical years, with a project in a coffee-growing region that’s facilitated by the third-party non-profit, Gold Standard. We also run the roastery on 100% Green Power for electricity and are constantly finding ways to reduce our gas usage. For example, in 2018 we installed a Loring Peregine S70, which improved our efficiency by 44%. Most recently, we replaced our gas-powered forklift with an electric forklift, and developed a Green Commute program; in three months, we tallied over 1,500 miles on bikes!

How will y’all be celebrating 50 years?

This is a fun year for us! Not only are we celebrating 50 years, we’re also celebrating our Macro Roaster of the Year award, so we’re going big. First and foremost, we’re giving away Free Coffee for a Year to twelve lucky email subscribers. We also created a special blend with our favorite coffees from Ethiopia and Central America as the 50th Anniversary Blend in this lovely bag. This art will adorn merchandise that we’ll giveaway throughout the year. And we do have one more exciting contest planned for later in the year, so y’all will just have to wait and see!

Where do you see Tony’s 50 years from now?

Great question. In 50 years we plan to be here in the Pacific Northwest, roasting craft coffee that our customers love. We will be supporting our farmer partners and their communities. We will be carbon neutral, reducing our impact, and giving back to the environment so coffee farming in 2071 is thriving.

Thank you!

Tony’s Coffee 50th Anniversary Blend is available now online.

Coffee Design is a feature series by Zachary Carlsen on Sprudge. Read more Coffee Design here.

Photos courtesy of Tony’s Coffee.