A cat cafe is coming to San Francisco. Local blog SFist believes that this “could very well be the best to happen to San Francisco since sourdough bread, that bridge, and gay people.” The cafe is called KitTea and is set to open sometime this year. The space will house up to ten cats, will serve tea, and plans to provide an “urban oasis” amidst the other “buzzery” cafes in the region.

SFist has more details:

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Following the guidelines and standards of care from The Association of Shelter Veterinarians, no more than 10 cats will be in the cafe at one time. Felines will be adopted from local rescue shelters. As for the space itself, no location has been determined so far. “We are still in the process of scouting and negotiating potential spaces in desirable neighborhoods,” notes KitTea. “We are hoping to lease a minimum of 1,600 square feet, this would allow 30-35 people in the cat space at a time, the space will never be crowded, or chaotic.”

Founders Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky are currently looking for the perfect space in San Francisco. In the meantime, follow their progress here.

Do you love the intersection of cats and coffee? So do we. But we’re trying to hold back on overloading on it, as per several responses to our Reader Survey Poll.

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