Meet Spencer and Ben Young, two brothers who grew up in south Georgia working in the coffee industry. Two brothers who share a passion for sturdy leather goods. These days, Ben lives up in Wake Forest, North Carolina while Spencer lives in Thomasville, Georgia. They’re teaming up to launch an exciting company they’re calling Sturdy Brothers Handcrafted Goods today on Kickstarter.


The Kickstarter is simply looking for $3500 to purchase materials in bulk so that they can get the production of their beautiful products off the ground. They’ve got keychains, tote bags, tool belts, and perhaps the butchest of butch aprons. 

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No, seriously though, look.


And check out the back:


The brothers were at the recent Big Eastern Barista Competition, showing off their wares and giving first-run versions of the aprons to the Northeastern and Southeastern regional winners.

They’re calling it the Sturdy Apron, and it starts at $110. It’s designed for serious barista usage, with waxed canvas, nylon strapping, and a brass buckle. Gorgeous.

Preorder the apron on Kickstarter. Follow the brothers on Facebook and Instagram.

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