Nicole Taliaferro and Oodie Taliaferro are coffee and design lovers based in Austin, Texas. Today they’re reviewing the new Ember Mug 2, a Sprudgie Award nominated coffee product that has been the cause of much debate and division at Sprudge. We join them from their tastefully appointed apartment in Austin. 

Tired of drinking your coffee from mugs that leave you feeling cold? Wish you could communicate with your mug as well as you do with your partner? Ready to slip your sips into something a little more comfortable?

If you like your coffee hot, you’re going to want to keep reading. The new Gold Ember Mug 2—a Bluetooth-enabled coffee cup with a built-in warmer that holds coffee to an exact temperature—is the hottest new addition to our relationship and we think it will be yours too.

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Clocking in at 4.2” tall with a girth of 3.3”, the Ember Mug 2 isn’t too big or too small, fitting perfectly in your hand. The mug’s generous curved gold handle is especially pleasing, and the sleek shape made of durable stainless steel is surprisingly smooth to the touch. Thanks to its reinforced coating, the mug is comfortable in your hand and gentle on your lips as you sip. It has a nice, heavy bottom. When using the handle, the weight remains evenly distributed in your hand so you can easily keep it upright. No spills here.

“I love to be woken up with the Ember Mug 2,” says Nic. A single finger to the bottom of the mug turns it on. Then the built-in battery keeps your beverage the perfect drinking temperature for an hour and a half. Need more time? You can dock your mug on the charging coaster when you’re ready for round two (or three, or four). “I often struggle to finish with other mugs,” Nic continues, “but never the Ember, which can keep me going for hours.”

Because you can control the temperature from your phone, couples can play and share by choosing your partner’s exact heat setting. Nothing is sexier than fulfilling your partner’s temperature fantasy or more enticing than hearing their ecstatic reaction as they slurp from the sculpted lip of the mug. Simply open the app, swipe to your desired heat, and settle in for fun. With Ember Mug 2’s warmth precision, you’re in control, which means you can hit the right spot—every time.

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Not every smart mug could join the ranks of your on-display collection, but the Ember Mug 2 is impressive to look at from every angle. Its gold finish and tall handle give it a dignified look, whether you keep it in a drawer, in a cabinet, or on a shelf for others to see. Your partner will love when you select a colored light to change up the mood, and that gracefully swooping handle evokes a timeless pleasure. “I especially like that I can fit three fingers inside” remarks Oodie.

When it’s finally time to clean up, this mug takes a little more care than most. It’s important to use a soft sponge or brush and avoid anything abrasive. It can handle being run under water, but unlike some of your favorite mugs, you’ll want to keep this out of the dishwasher.

After seven consecutive days of use, we give the Ember Mug 2 five out of five Buzzys!

Nicole Taliaferro is a freelance journalist and content creator based in Austin. Oodie Talifarro is a freelance journalist and a coffee professional based in Austin. This is Nicole Taliaferro and Oodie Taliaferro first joint feature for Sprudge. Read more Nicole Taliaferro for Sprudge

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