A little bit of inside news for the month of September: Sprudge is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Seattle Coffee Gear, the new official fulfillment provider for a wide variety of coffee products on Sprudge.  

Affiliate links have become a kind of lifeblood for the journalism industry in the 21st century. Slate called it a “weird symbiosis” in 2019, and frankly that’s about right. Everyone from the New York Times to Pitchfork to the Vox network of websites (including New York Magazine and Eater) to the BBC all utilize an affiliate links model, and we’re really excited to be able to create one that uniquely serves our coffee-loving readers. 

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“We are very excited about our partnership with Sprudge and to amplify our mission to help consumers select the right equipment to make coffee they love at home or in their cafe. We look forward to connecting with Sprudge readers and deepening our relationships within the ever growing coffee community.” – Mike Atkinson, Seattle Coffee Gear CEO

Since 2005 Seattle Coffee Gear has carved out a growing niche for itself in the form of online sales and physical retail shops, including a new store open now in Kirkland, Washington. With a deep bench of products beloved by modern coffee aficionados, Seattle Coffee Gear features brands like Mahlkonig, Baratza, Chemex, Hario, Technivorm, Rocket Espresso, Eureka AeroPress, MiiR, Fellow, and many more. If you’re obsessed with coffee and know your way around an espresso machine, there’s something for you and then some at Seattle Coffee Gear.

But that’s just part of it. Seattle Coffee Gear’s mission is built around helping coffee lovers brew great coffee, no matter where they are on their coffee journey. We feel the same way about coffee journalism. Our mission as a publishing company is built on the simple, radical notion that coffee is deserving of journalism, and that our website can be equal parts a home for meaningful storytelling and critical news reporting. We believe that stories from the world of coffee can be engaging and fascinating to everyone, no matter how much you know already about coffee and the myriad ways in which it interacts with modern life. More and more people of all levels of coffee fluency are looking to our website each day to learn about coffee, and we take that opportunity seriously. 

Partnering with Seattle Coffee Gear allows us to serve our journalism mission, including our growing network of podcasts and weekly newsletter. It lets us connect our growing readership directly to a reputable, focused, charitably engaged coffee gear company capable of delivering the high quality coffee products we write about everyday. We hope this partnership will make our website better by making the stuff we write about as accessible as possible, because accessibility is everything for coffee in 2020, here at the dawn of the fourth wave. 

We now return you to our regular eclectic mix of coffee news, journalism, podcasts, and cultural publishing, crafted by the world’s most popular coffee publication. Thank you for reading Sprudge. 

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