The online auction house eBay is a treasure trove of lost coffee artifacts, brewing gadgets of yesterwave, assorted bean delivery gizmos, and haunted mechanical barista dolls. Each week a fresh batch of buzzworthy biddables make their way to the marketplace, and it’s about time we here at Sprudge celebrate these screaming back door deals.

Here’s a collection of hot coffee auctions on eBay this week.

Rare Deadstock Coffee Gear

MyPressi TWIST

S L1600 2

This truly wondrous portable espresso maker had its moment in the sun a decade ago but didn’t sell enough units for Espressi, Inc. to keep it on store shelves. “The TWIST had fanatical support from espresso aficionados including many professionals and WBC championship winners, and our retail launch partner was the eponymous Intelligentsia,” explains Espressi, Inc CEO Stephen O’Brien, “but high-end does not a market make for a $149 product. Maybe it should have been $600. Despite winning product of the year from the SCAA there were insufficient conversions from the industry. I can go into almost any good cafe in the world and the barista knows the MyPressi TWIST. They’ve heard of it, or know someone who has one, or they saw one somewhere else. But they didn’t buy it.”

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Well now’s your chance to pick one up at a smokin’ hot price. Bidding starts at $149. Please tag us in any social media you produce using the MyPressi, with which we remain obsessed.

Clover 1S Coffee Maker

S L1600 3
Clover 1S Coffee Maker (Source: eBay)

The $11,000 Clover 1S billed itself as “the world’s first commercial single-cup brewer built to meet the demands of today’s high-quality coffee retailers.” It garnered a cult following in 2007, picked up by third-wave shops like Portland’s Stumptown Coffee, Chicago’s Intelligentsia and New York City’s Cafe Grumpy. In 2008 the Coffee Equipment Company and its Clover product was acquired by Starbucks Coffee Company and over the years the company phased out the single-cup coffee maker in favor of Nitro Tap systems.

Now’s your chance to scoop one of these babies up for yourself! Buy it now for $7,994.99 shipped.

Haunted Dolls

Mr. Dan The Coffee Drinking Man

S L1600
Mr. Dan The Coffee Drinking Man (Source: eBay)

For $149.95 + $9.50 shipping you can own this striking tin artifact. The seller describes this item as “a vintage windup Mechanical Mr. Dan Coffee Drinking Man toy. This toy was manufactured in the ’60s by T.N in Japan. This all tin litho with vinyl head wearing a yellow jacket and a white with red dots bow tie is holding a coffee pot in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. When wound he pours the coffee into his cup and then brings the cup to his mouth and drinks it. Mechanism works well. This toy has been part of my personal collection and is in mint condition. This toy comes with the original box and it is excellent plus condition.”

Buy it now!

Do you have an eBay hot coffee auction deal you want to share with us? Get in touch!

Zachary Carlsen is a co-founder at Sprudge Media Network. 

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