United States Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, a man who once declared he had never had a cup of coffee in his life, has been caught on video sipping coffee. WSVN, a local Miami news affiliate, broke the news that Trump and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani visited cafe Versailles in Little Havana, a day after the first national debate with coffee-drinking opponent Secretary Hillary Clinton.

WSVN reports that Trump ordered two cafecitos for he and Giuliani. A cafecito, also known as Cuban coffee, is an espresso beverage brewed with demerara sugar in the portafilter brew basket.

Following the event, Trump made a stop at Cafe Versailles in Little Havana with Rudy Giuliani, where he took photos with supporters and ordered himself a cafecito and empanada. After paying for the bill, Trump left a tip of $83.

Award-winning and coffee-drinking Boston Globe reporter Matt Viser was first to notice something amiss:

Yes, indeed. The Donald doesn’t drink coffee. In his 2000 book The America We Deserve co-written by Dave Shiflett, Trump says, “I’ve never taken drugs of any kind, never had a glass of alcohol. Never had a cigarette, never had a cup of coffee.”


But that was sixteen years ago!

Not so fast! In a recent 2015 interview with Esquire, Trump told the interviewer that when it comes to vices, he’s so straight, he “won’t even drink a cup of coffee.”

While Trump’s opponent Secretary Clinton drinks cappuccino and chai up and down the campaign trail, this is the first time he’s been documented sipping a coffee…ever! Even though Trump licenses his name to a number of Trump-related coffee products and his long-time co-author and sometimes speech writer Meredith McIver loves coffee, Donald Trump has never been seen in public drinking coffee…until now! 

What else is could he be hiding?

We have so many questions. Is this the very first coffee Donald Trump has ever had? Has he been lying about his coffee drinking habits all along? Will this sway the coffee-drinking voters of America? Will we see Trump stop at cafes in Iowa and Wisconsin as he campaigns in the Midwest this week? Only time will tell.


This story is developing…

(Top image: WSVN)

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