Coffee Circle – Good Coffee. Good Gear. from Coffee Circle on Vimeo.

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This new promotional video from Berlin’s Coffee Circle is stunning. More from Vimeo:

Coffee Circle stands for a unique coffee experience. Hand-picked Ethiopian premium coffee, high-class gear and social projects directly at Ethiopian farmers.

We believe in modern fair and direct trade and in transparency. Per kilogram of coffee sold, we invest one Euro in social development projects we implement ourselves together with the coffee farmers in Ethiopia. This is our unique way to combine extraordinary coffee with transparent and direct help.

Learn more by visiting – or do what we did, which was to ask around to our friends with knowledge of the Berlin coffee scene for some more deets on Coffee Circle, because we had totally never heard of before. Some quick hitter stats on the Coffee Circle kids:

  • The company was hatched in a coworking space / startup incubator / uber nerd den called Betahuas, which is in Berlin’s former punk neighborhood, Kreuzberg.
  • The guys who own it have participated in German Aeropress Championships (winning 3rd and 4th place), and they were instrumental in putting on the Berlin Coffee Academy last summer (which we featured here).
  • They import fancy coffee gadgets to Berlin that are kind of hard to find in that city. If you live in Berlin, these guys can get you a Chemex.
  • They source coffee, and they’re very committed to sustainability and ethics in their sourcing.
  • The company is 30% owned by Tengelmann, who also own a German supermarket mega-chain called “Kaisers”, which is like, an American comedy writer’s B+ pitch of what to call a comically oversized German supermarket chain, except it’s actually real.

Anyway, gorgeous video – we’re keen to learn more about Coffee Circle and watch as they grow and develop alongside the burgeoning, fascinating, hot-hot-hot Berlin specialty coffee scene, which speaking of… have you all seen the new roastery for The Barn? Stunning. More on that shizz soon.

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