SCAA Symposium Director Peter Giuliano, as featured on (his own personal) Facebook:

I was annoyed this morning that a measuring cup is 8 ounces, and so are many coffee cups, but most people use 12 ounce mugs as “cups” and most coffeemakers use 6 ounces as a “cup”. Then I did some research:

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American standard cup = 8 ounces/236.58ml
American legal cup = 8.12 ounces/240 ml
Japanese cup = 6.76 ounces/200 ml
Metric cup = 8.45 ounces/250 ml
Imperial cup = 9.61 ounces/284 ml
Most coffeemakers’ cups = 6.4 ounces/189.27 ml
Chemex coffeemakers’ cups = 5 ounces/147.868 ml

250ml = 250ml, I’m just saying.

Finally! Mr. Giuliano, you’ve done the world a great service. This hand-dandy conversion guide is officially indispensable, and might be the best thing we’ve read on Facebook all day..because Facebook in the USA right now is mostly just one big political rant. Tedious!

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